"Running in India is not yet even in it's adolescence but unfortunately running community throughout the country has become very fragmented.

The idea behind putting together iRun Festival is to get all stakeholders in running, from runners, to anyone catering to them in anyway whatsoever, on one single platform, where everyone can learn from others, talk and listen to others as equals.

Running is a great leveller where caste, creed, rich or poor are of no consequence. All are equal and all can take part in it. It's also far beyond just winning medals.

We'll be showcasing inspirational running documentaries from around the world, best of still photography in running including selfies you would have shot while running your favourite race in your favourite location, talk-discussion along with thought leaders in the space of running and showcasing the latest offerings by the vendors catering to us runners.

Running Festival will be in Delhi on 29-30 July 2017. Dates and venues of other cities to be confirmed soon."

About us

'i Run Sports was created with the objective of encouraging a more active lifestyle in our society where we have all become a lot more sedentary.

Running is a great leveller where caste, creed, rich or poor are of no consequence. All are equal and all can take part in it. It's also beyond just winning medals.

Since 2010, we have been putting together La Ultra - The High, a 333 km ultra marathon in Leh - Ladakh, which has put lndia on the ultra running map of the world. It is widely considered as the cruelest race out there. Besides runners and crew members from around the world, this race has attracted international film makers. ln the last 7 editions, 6 documentaries have been made on this one race, of which 5 have been by teams from US, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

ln 2012, we oragnised the first Mussoorie HaLf Marathon in collaboration with Mussoorie writers and Hanifl Centre for Outdoor & Environmental Study (dedicated in 2003) at Woodstock SchooL.

In 2015 we started with Garhwal Runs, a 74 km run from Dehardun to Dhanaulti, as a qualifier for 111 km race at La Ultra - The High. This year's edition saw a 16 year old local girl from Dehradun run the distance in 10 hrs 47 min.

Dr Rajat Chauhan, our founder, was introduced to running at wynberg-Allen School, Mussoorie, in 1985, the biggest learning he ever got in his life. To thank the school, to re-introduce ex-students to running and expose current students to how to push their limits to perform at their optimum levels, in 2016, in collaboration with wynberg-Allen School, we organised wynberg-Allen Half Marathon.

There is a lot to learn from running and all of us should support this movement as iRun Fest is just the first step and not only an event limited to a few people.



Running is not a sport. It is the most fundamental movement for survival but is missing from today's modern but sedentary life. Objective is to promote Running in the society to Get lndia FiT.


Provide a platform to all stake holders in the running world to showcase and share the latest in running, training, events, gear & technology.


Showcase the most inspiring stories in running & ultra-running from around the world to encourage all to take up running.


Become a platform that encourages film-making and still photography in India in the sport of running.

Day 1

Panel: Runners in the boardroom

Film: Impossible

Panel: Ultra Running

Film: Finding Traction

Photos; India's Best

Panel: Running Women

Film: Barkley: The Trail That Eats Its Young

Panel: Running Gear & Technology

Day 2

Film: Making of The High

Panel: India's Running Story

Film: The Spine Race

Panel: Making Kids Running

Film: 3022 ft

Panel: Running Injuries, Diet,Nutrition

Film: On Major D P Singh

Photos: India's Best

Inspiring Stories
from around the world

when we think of the best tough endurance event in the world, we think of Le Tour de France but not one that's being held in our own backyard for last 8 years now and ultra running world has been raving about. Impossible showcases La Ultra - The High, a 333 kms race in Ladakh, where the very best ultra runners gather to accomplish the impossible, pushing the human limits like never before. gather to accomplish the impossible, pushing the human limits like never before.

Finding Traction presents the inspirational story of ultra runner Nikki Kimball's quest to become the fastest person in history to run America's oldest hiking trail, Vermont's 273- mile long Trail. Through Nikki's incredible journey, racing towards a dream and against time, we gain a new perspective on what we all share in terms of endurance and the human spirit.

One of the toughest ultra distance races in Europe - The MontaneĀ® Spine Race is a brutal 268 mile, non-stop, winter mountain marathon that encompasses the entire Pennine Way.

Every year on the 4th of July, hundreds of runners dare the 3022 ft. of Seward's Mt. marathon in Alaska's Oldest and most dangerous footrace. ln 2014, a full time mom challenged an Olympian, two pro athletes took on the men's record holder and a former junior champion battled her demons on the mountain where she grew up. Intimate athlete interviews reveal and inspiring story about running, community and a race you will have to see to believe.

A famous prison escape sparks the idea for a cult-like race that has seen only 10 finishers in it's first 25 years. This award-winning, oddly inspiring, and wildly funny documentary reveals the sports world's most guarded secret.

In Conversation with Panel of experts Running

Ultra Running:

Too many are rushing to Longer distances. Seasoned ultra runners share their journeys and tips for novice runners.

Running women:

50% of runners are women. Their challenges, what worked for them, what has running given them, what does running mean for them, tips etc.

Running Gear & Technology:

Having all stake holders together where they talk about the latest breakthroughs and how they will help runners.

India's Running Story:

Hearing from the ones who have been at the forefront of getting India to run, the challenges and the way forwards.

Making Kids Run:

Our children and youth our own tomorrow and they have become really unfit because of technology. Get stake-holders like principals, PE teachers and coaches to get kids to pick up running for life.

Running Injuries, Diet, Nutrition:

Most runners in their excitement and because of peer pressure, try to do too much and get injured. Experts discuss about simple approach to cater to

Runners in the boardroom:

inspirational stories of how running transformed business leaders.